Hi, I'm Charlie "The Spaniard" Brenneman,

former Spanish teacher and UFC fighter. Welcome to Spaniard School!

Anxiety, depression and suicide have risen dramatically in recent years among young people, along with the emergence of cyber-bullying. To help students develop the social and emotional skills necessary to combat these and other challenges, I developed Spaniard School. 

Having fought professionally (UFC / MMA), wrestled Division 1, taught middle and high school Spanish and excelled in the classroom, I'm thoroughly prepared to teach these skills and help students survive and thrive.

The idea for Spaniard School developed as I delivered assembly programs to thousands of middle and high school students over the past few years. Their honest, pure and sometimes heartbreaking feedback solidified my mission to teach character and social and emotional skills (SEL) to young people. 

With an assembly, I can reach students once. With Spaniard School, I can continue to help students who need it most. I'm honored and humbled that you're joining me. Please scroll down and click to see the courses and enroll now. 

- Spaniard 

Membership rates available to serve entire schools and organizations